Uplift Women's Reproductive Health System Holistically

Reproductive health is not simply concerned with the absence of diseases. It is about complete physical and mental wellness in all matters. It includes the overall working of reproductive system functions & processes. Women's reproductive system is the most delicate part of women's bodies. It requires more care & attention to protect it from injuries and internal infections as well.

Importance of Holistic Reproductive Health:

Reproductive health is one of the essential aspects of women’s health as pregnancy, Menstruation & Fertility is involved with it.

Holistic Reproductive health focuses on a healthy lifestyle, taking a nutrition-rich & balanced diet, and regular exercises to help & make your body respond to pregnancy and childbirth complications. This approach improves physical fitness and mental health as well.

Women's bodies go through a complete hormone-changing cycle every month. When someone takes an unbalanced diet, it affects their body and mainly reproductive health. An increasing number of young girls have adopted an unhealthy lifestyle, that's the main cause of their poor reproductive health.

How Can women uplift the reproductive health system holistically?

Women are facing many reproductive health problems such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Menopause, HIV/AIDS, Gynecologic Cancer, Uterine Fibroids, and many more. By taking care of the reproductive system, we can enhance the prevention of reproductive health concerns & uplift holistic reproductive health rather than the use of medicines and other ways. In this blog, we will discuss different approaches to boost women's reproductive health system holistically.

    1. Holistic Healthy Lifestyle
    2. A healthy lifestyle is a way of enhancing your overall well-being whereas a holistic healthy lifestyle is the best approach to taking care of your mind, body, emotions & soul and to improving spiritual, emotional, physical & mental health.

      Women can get rid of mood swings and treat many reproductive issues such as menopause and infertility with a holistic healthy lifestyle.

      Women should follow these holistic lifestyle tips for reproductive health:

      • Make your daily routine schedule.
      • Start from now
      • Discover your purpose of living for passionate life
      • Try to live in the present
      • Never blame yourself for everything
      • Take good take care of your mental health
      • Eat healthy foods

    3. Balanced Diet & Nutrition
    4. Another important factor to uplift women's reproductive health naturally is taking a good & balanced diet. It helps them to fight against PCOS(a main cause of infertility). Women should add beans, lentils, fruits(mainly strawberries, raspberries, and mulberries), avocados, raw nuts, seafood, and egg yolks to their diet for better reproductive health.

    5. Reduce Stress & depression
    6. The human body is all interconnected, therefore When someone suffers through long-term sadness, stress, and depression they also experience physical symptoms like restlessness, stomach pain, and body & joint pain. Research shows the main cause of hormonal imbalance in women is stress and anxiety and women tend to face menstruation problems due to it. Women with infertility and PCOS have a high level of stress and anxiety. It directly affects women's reproductive system and lessens the chance of the mother becoming pregnant. Women can treat stress & depression in different Holistic methods. :

      • Get active
      • Discuss your concerns with whom u feel comfortable
      • Try yoga at home
      • Take proper time for rest
      • Laugh more
      • Quit smoking

    7. Regular Exercise
    8. Daily fitness activities have many beneficial effects on the overall body working. 2O minutes of Moderate Exercise Helps to balance hormones and overall reproductive system health which enhances women's ability to get pregnant and reduces pregnancy issues, such as miscarriage.

      Walking: is the best exercise for women to boost reproductive health naturally,especially for PCOS and infertility.

      Dancing: increases muscles’ strength, improves blood flow, best holistic way for women to release stress and anxiety hormones.

      Yoga: the most beneficial exercise for pregnant women to deliver babies easily. It improves infertility as well.

      Pilates: when you are trying to conceive, pilates is considered good for the reproductive system. improve blood circulation, and increase strength in the hips and pelvic area of women.

      Swimming: improves overall health & preferably the safest exercise during pregnancy which helps minimize birth complications & to shorten labor time.

    9. Sleep
    10. One of the holistic healing techniques to improving women's reproductive health is sleep. Women should take 8 hours of sleep to feel fresh but not more than of 9 hours sleep because excess sleep can also cause infertility in women.

      Sleep deprivation also causes stress that directly affects the menstruation cycle and PCOS.

    11. Avoid unnecessary medicine dose
    12. If a woman is pregnant or trying to conceive, she should start to avoid taking medicines like clotting and hypertension medications, etc. Medicines affect an unborn baby in the uterus and lead to a high chance of miscarriage.

      Holistic reproductive health focuses on taking rest, eating healthy foods, and doing regular exercise rather than the use of any type of medication.