The Role of Holistic Medicine in Cancer Care and Support

Across the world, pandemic & fatal diseases rate are increasing day by day which is affecting a lot of people irrespective of their age and their gender.

For example, the coronavirus affected billions of people, including young, women, and men in the world from 2020 to 2022. Millions of people got through it, many passed away and some of them survived because of their strong immune system.

Study shows, a poor lifestyle & unhealthy behavior is the leading cause of a weak body’s defense system, which in turn, does not protect our body from infections and diseases. Due to that, cancer is spreading rapidly around the world.

To protect ourselves from cancer and other fatal diseases, we need to boost our immunity in natural ways that do not affect the overall working of the body.

Why should we use holistic medicines for cancer care?

Natural therapies and holistic medicine treatments (that include the prevention, identification, and treatment of diseases) are supportive to fight against cancer cells in the body & effective to boost well-being & immunity strength with no harmful side effects. Therefore, a holistic health practitioner focuses to heal patients from the inside after identifying the root cause of cancer in patients and then comes to treat physical symptoms withnatural healing methods.

This blog will explore & discuss different holistic medicines for cancer-supportive care and their effectiveness.

Holistic Medicines

Holistic care treatments do not directly cure cancer but play an indirect role. They help you to reduce cancer symptoms such as anxiety & stress, fatigue, depression, body pain & insomnia, etc.

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Some people who are suffering from cancer experience chronic pain and some patients also face nausea and vomiting issues due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions. Research shows the natural treatment of acupuncture can be beneficial for cancer patients to relieve different symptoms they go through that are:

    • Nausea
    • Joint Pain
    • Vomiting
    • Chronic Pain
    • Fatigue
    • Full Body Pain

  3. Yoga
  4. When someone diagnoses or suffers from cancer, the health factor that got affected after physical symptoms is mental wellness. The patient started to think negatively. He feels less active & energetic.

    Thus, for the treatment of cancer better mental health is very essential & yoga is considered fruitful to ward off anxiety and calm your mind & mood. Also, effective to strengthen physical health.

  5. Meditation
  6. We all face difficulties in our lives, sometimes situations make us hopeless and we don't find peace & any meaningful purpose to live in this world.

    In the same way, after being diagnosed with cancer, the patient gets disturbed and stuck with stressful thoughts in the brain. That pain & fear of losing life doesn't let them live in the present, they always get depressed about their health.

    Here, meditation can benefit them indirectly. It's a best practice to develop awareness that helps to calm their minds, brings peace & serenity, and alleviates depression & anxiety.

  7. Holistic Massage
  8. Body pain & discomfort is one of the main side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. They suffer from joint pain, headaches & chronic pain that does not let them sleep comfortably. It also affects their mental & spiritual wellness along with their physical health. For reducing & soothing cancer-related pain & fatigue, holistic massage, which is a form of healing therapy is very effective. It also improves muscle strength & sleep quality in patients by minimizing distress.

  9. Physical Activity
  10. A common problem every cancer survivor experiences due to chemotherapy treatment is a weakened immune system. They go through more pain & fatigue due to it but a physical activity like exercise helps you to cope with pain. It boosts immune strength, sleep quality, physical ability, and mobility. It helps to reduce depression as well.

  11. Balanced Diet
  12. Cancer sufferer goes through different chemotherapy side effects such as constipation, loss of appetite & nausea. Food has natural healing power which can help them to manage after-effects by focusing on their diet. They should consume nutrient-rich & anti-oxidant foods that help them to protect their bodies from infections. Healthy and nutritious food is also beneficial to make their immune systems stronger Because Whatever we eat has a positive or negative impact on our health. If we eat well, we feel good & vice versa.

  13. Aromatherapy
  14. Research shows, chemotherapy & radiotherapy sessions help cancer victims by destroying and fighting against cancerous cells in the body but at the same time, they cause psychological issues such as fatigue, stress, and depression. People with cancer symptoms found Aromatherapy effective for relieving stress and depression. Also, it helps to control high blood pressure. Essential oils used for massage fight bacteria on the skin and have some natural healing power to boost mood and feelings of relaxation.

  15. Herbal Remedies/Supplements
  16. Natural remedies don't treat, prevent, or cure cancer or any other fatal diseases but can help patients cope with their disease symptoms. Herbal supplements are helpful to reduce fatigue, nausea, and constipation issues.