Exploring Holistic Medicine for Women's Health

Treating symptoms with medications without knowing their cause (that can be related to mental or physical health) is the worst thing one can do with their health. it will cause many diseases like infertility, weight gain, PCOS, anxiety & depression in women. In short, irreversible damage to health.

The human body comprises many parts. that are interconnected. If one part is working improperly, it affects the other part's functionalities as well. Thus, if someone has imbalances in lifestyle like mentally not feeling well, it will affect their overall health.

Curing health problems through holistic medicine is indeed a whole-body holistic healing process that considers a person’s physical emotional, social, mental & spiritual health altogether.

Benefits of Holistic Medicine:

Natural health care is beneficial and helps a lot to improve women’s overall health. The primary objective of natural medicine is a person's fitness & wellness, not merely the treatment of illness but also the identification of its reasons & prevention of diseases.

Some of the benefits of holistic medicine are:

  1. Safe
  2. Many Medicines women take to cure their problems like infertility etc cause further complications & side effects on women's health compared to alternative medicine because it's a chemical-free treatment.

  3. Person-Centered Care
  4. Focus on the whole person, not the disease. Cure reasons for the specific health-related problem related to mental, physical, social, or spiritual.

  5. Alleviate Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  6. When a person takes medications daily (for example sleep or depression pills) it gives them fewer benefits and does more damage to their immune system. while the use of natural approaches reduces stress, anxiety & depression by eliminating their cause with natural medicine.

  7. Boost Reproductive Health
  8. Women’s reproductive health is more crucial than other parts of the body because it's concerned with menstruation, fertility & pregnancy. As a holistic approach focuses on a healthy lifestyle, it reduces the chances of PCOS, increases fertility in women/ men & helps to fight against complications of pregnancy.

Women rather than men need some extra healthcare practices for their well-being. In This Blog, we will explore different natural medicine treatments and their benefits to women’s health.

  • Holistic Massage
  • One can boost their energy, immune system & body strength through massage. It increases blood circulation, reduces muscle soreness & stiffness, and helps people get out of stress & depression.

    holistic massage is slightly different than normal massage because of the way of treating the whole person as one.

  • Acupuncture
  • All over the world, the old technique of using fine needles in the skin is considered effective natural medicine To treat various diseases related to mental and physical health. Holistic practitioners use healing method acupuncture to lower blood pressure and reduce stress & body pain such as back & neck pain, knee pain, and headaches.

  • Ayurveda
  • India’s almost 4000 years ago originated conventional treatment, which is a whole-body healing system to get long, healthy & balanced life. One can lessen the chance of illness and aids in getting balance in life by using Ayurveda medicine that focuses on self-care practices, diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Tai chi
  • Traditional but beneficial holistic Chinese treatment, A form of exercise consisting of gentle & refined movements that improve muscle energy and balance physical & emotional health. Nowadays people are also attracted to Tai Chi because research shows it's helpful to reduce levels of stress and increases body activeness, flexibility & strength.

  • Green Tea
  • A well-known & widely used beverage on earth that everyone takes to lessen body tiredness is tea. Drinking green tea is a holistic medicine for health care. It effectively treats high blood pressure, inflammation, and diabetes problems. often people consume it to minimize distress levels and weight loss.

  • Holistic Yoga
  • We can also heal ourselves to some extent with the help of fine body movement, the best alternative medicine young use in their daily routine to remain fit and active is holistic yoga which focuses on individual health( mind, body & soul) with yoga practices.

  • Holistic Chiropractic
  • Holistic therapists believe that the root cause of any illness or condition is different for each individual so they provide unique chiropractic treatment according to each individual’s body needs. Chiropractic (Chinese old alternative medicine) helps improve mobility, neck & back pain, muscular force, and neurological health.

  • Homeopathy
  • Women face many health problems regarding hormonal imbalances such as menstrual cycle problems. By choosing suitable homeopathy solutions They can improve their hormonal health in natural ways. Homeopathy is a safe-to-use natural medicine with no harmful side effects & useful for people of all ages as well as children to cure health-related issues.

  • Reiki & Reflexology
  • Both are energy-based therapies that reduce stress and body pain, are helpful for muscle relaxation, and improve sleep. but their way of working is completely different from each other.

    Reiki is an old Japanese-based treatment, that works with the concept of transferring energy by palms to others, that's why also known as a palm-healing method. While in reflexology, holistic therapists apply pressure on certain points of the body mainly the feet & hands.

Bach Flower Remedy

‘’Flowers also have some special healing properties that can be used to heal our body if used properly’’
according to Dr. Bach.

Bach flower remedy is helpful for physiological problems, and balancing mental state. people also find it practical to reduce pain, stress & depression levels.