Alternative Cancer Treatments

Cancer refers to the uncontrollable growth of body cells & they spread throughout the body making destructions. In the human body normally, these cells grow and multiply i.e called Cell Division. Many cancer patients are eager to try any treatment, including complementary and alternative cancer therapies, that might be of any use. However, a lot of alternative cancer treatments are unproven, and some of them might even be harmful.

AcuHealth has researched & finalized safe alternative cancer treatments to help you separate the good alternative treatments. Additionally, there is proof that these therapies might be helpful in some cases. But before stepping into these alternative treatments let's discuss how these complementary medicines can benefit cancer patients from a natural health and wellness center.

How might "alternative therapies" benefit cancer patients?

Alternative cancer therapies may not directly treat your cancer, but they may help you manage its symptoms and signs, including stress, exhaustion, nausea and vomiting, pain, worry, and difficulties sleeping. The term "alternative therapies" is frequently used to refer to treatments that aren't typically provided by healthcare professionals.

Doctors and other providers are including alternative therapies alongside conventional therapies in treatment programs as academics examine these therapies and the evidence supporting them grows. It's a strategy that doctors occasionally refer to as integrated medicine. We totally understand your concern if you’re one of these questions:

  • Looking for a therapy strategy that might be less likely to cause negative effects.
  • Desire the ability to decide how their cancer will be treated.
  • Favor alternative medical practices and views of health and disease.
  • Might have come upon material online or elsewhere that seems useful.

Which treatments are worth trying?

  • Acupuncture:
  • At specific locations on your skin, a professional uses tiny needles to provide acupuncture. According to studies, acupuncture may be useful in reducing chemotherapy-related nausea. In some cases, acupuncture can help cancer patients with their pain.
    If done by a trained professional using sterile needles, acupuncture is safe. Consult your healthcare provider for a list of reliable doctors. Consult your doctor before getting acupuncture if you're on blood thinners or have low blood counts.
    A similar method called acupressure involves applying light pressure to specific points, such as the wrist, to help with nausea relief.

  • Hypnosis:
  • A highly focused condition is hypnosis. A therapist may hypnotize you during a hypnotherapy session by speaking in a soothing manner and assisting with relaxation. The holistic therapists will then assist you in concentrating on objectives like managing your discomfort and lessening your tension.
    For those with cancer who are dealing with worry, discomfort, and anxiety, hypnosis may be beneficial. Additionally, if chemotherapy has previously made you feel ill, it may help minimize anticipatory nausea and vomiting that sometimes happen. Hypnosis is secure when carried out by a licensed therapist. But if you have a history of mental illness, let your holistic therapist know.

  • Holistic Health:
  • Experienced holistic doctors from AcuHealth will assist patients with all forms of medical care, including both conventional medicine and complementary therapiesWhen a migraine patient visits holistic therapists, the therapist is likely to take into account every element that could be causing the person's headaches. In addition to providing medications, these factors might also take into account other health conditions, food choices, sleeping habits, stress levels, and spiritual practices.

  • Massage:
  • Your massage therapist will knead your skin, muscles, and tendons while they work to calm you and ease any tension in your body. There are various massage techniques. Massage can be done lightly and gently or deeply and firmly.
    According to studies, massage therapy can be effective in reducing discomfort in cancer patients. Additionally, it might ease stress, weariness, and anxiety. If you work with a skilled massage therapist, massage can be safe. Many cancer treatment facilities have massage therapists on staff, or your doctor can recommend a massage therapist who frequently treats cancer patients.

  • Yoga:
  • Yoga mixes deep breathing with stretching exercises. You arrange your body in a variety of postures during a yoga session that calls for bending, twisting, and stretching. Yoga comes in a variety of forms, each with unique variants.
    People with cancer may find some respite from stress through yoga. Also proven to enhance sleep and lessen weariness is yoga.
    Before enrolling in a yoga class, ask your doctor for the name of a yoga instructor who has experience working with clients who have health issues, such as cancer. Avoid any painful yoga positions. An excellent instructor can provide safe alternatives for your positions.

  • Relaxation Techniques:
  • Utilizing relaxation techniques will help you concentrate on reducing stress and unwinding your body. Progressive muscular relaxation and visualization exercises are two examples of relaxation techniques. Anxiety may be reduced with the aid of relaxation techniques. Additionally, they might improve sleep for cancer patients.
    Techniques for relaxation are secure. These exercises are typically guided by a holistic therapist, but eventually, you may be able to perform them independently or with the aid of guided relaxation recordings.

  • Consult AcuHealth for further Consultation:
  • Dr. Ahmed has assisted hundreds of patients in achieving physical balance, allowing them to live pain-free lives. We are a one-stop shop for all of your needs. By giving patients a more full picture of their health and offering guidance on conventional, lifestyle, and holistic approaches to healthcare, our service focuses on their well-being. This implies that in our Natural Health and Wellness Center, each client receives a completely individualised approach.

Why use the medication if the body is a self-healing organism?

Finding out why the body isn't repairing itself as it should be and then fixing the issue would seem to make sense. At Acu health, we remove the interference for you to allow your incredible body to cure itself.